Monday April 27th from 8am to 10:45am. We expect a big turnout, so be early. Please do not call the restaurant – inquire at

TGI Friday’s in Union City
31900 Dyer St.
Union City, CA 94587

AUDITION: You have 15 minutes to make 3 drinks. That’s a lot of time! Bring you A game to fill in the time. This is your time to show your ENTERTAINMENT SKILLS. (HINT: More than just converstation, please.)

TGI Friday’s bartenders have the title of ‘World Famous Bartender’. Friday’s Bartenders are elite in the industry. All Friday’s Bartenders are proficient with an extensive food menu and a collection of drink recipes unique to Friday’s, as well as being the masters of Guest Focus and Ultimate Service. While there is great diversity in terms of style, all successful Friday’s Bartenders share certain traits:
Attention to Guest
Communication skills

Defining Flair – Friday’s Bartenders are famous for their flair and showmanship. Flair is exemplified in your appearance, your charismatic personality and your genuine desire to entertain your Guests.

Stage 1
Here is the breakdown:
Set-up: 5 Minutes. You have this time to familiarize yourself with where everything is located behind the bar.
Audition: You have exactly 15 minutes; to make 4 drinks and show your flair.
The drinks are: Long Island Iced Tea, Margarita, Corona & Bud Light.
You will be scored on the following (but not limited to) appearance, personality, ability to prepare and present drinks. If the judges are bored, you will not even be given 15 minutes.
Wrap up: 5 Minutes. We will ask you a few questions at this time and make a decision weather or not to pass you along to stage 2.
Stage 2
Take the BHI and do interviews with the following people: Bar Manager, General Manager and Director of Operations
Stage 3
Background check. If everything passes, we will make you an offer.

You are advised to bring your own flair!

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