Permanent part time bartender positions. Saturday and Sunday 10 am to 6 pm.. Job duties include open and set up bar. Serve the customers. Try not to smack the customers. Pretend you like the customers. Pretend you like the boss (not required). Work without supervision (except all the regulars telling you what to do, which you ignore). Make a list of all the jobs that are better than this one. Do not take said jobs, keep this one. Get off work and take your tips to another bar. Drink. Come back to work. Do it again. Or Sunday, Monday and Tuesday nights 6 pm ’til 2 am same as days only different. Do not open bar ( bar should already be open). However close before 2 am with all customers on the other side of the door,(The outside). Clean up the mess. (Just the work area, we have a janitor). Do not feed the janitor free liquor, let him steal it after you go home like every one else. Take your tips, find the day bartenders and drink with them. Come back. Do it again.
To get this Dream job, go to Harps Lounge at 4729 San Juan Ave., Fair Oaks,
California, U.S.A.. Fill out an application. Put addresses and phone numbers of bartender jobs only. We will call those employers who will tell us all about the drunken, gutter crawling, cross dressing shenanigans, they weren’t invited to when you worked for them. We will then set up an appointment so you can tell us the juicy parts. Oh! and hire you.

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