The Border Restaurant and Lounge, a Denver University landmark for the last 30 years, is preparing to reopen under new ownership. We will be hiring for the following positions:

Bartenders & Servers – What are the qualities of a truly great bartender/server? Here’s a few we thought of: ATTENTIVNESS – You know what customers need before they do, you know when to engage in conversation and when not to. When you do, you’re smart, funny and informed. You remember me and what I like to drink. KNOWLEDGE – You know all about the products you sell, you can teach me something I don’t know, you know what’s on special and you tell me about it. PERSONALITY – You have one and people like it. CLEANLINESS: You know that cleanliness is next to godliness and that matters when your job is taking care of the “Altar of the Evening”. PREPARATION – You’re like a boy scout: Always prepared. You get there early and set it up right. You’re pro and pros don’t get caught on a Friday night without everything they need. INTEGRITY – This is a cash based business, you know it, I know it, do the right thing even when no one is watching you.

Doorstaff – The job will include, but is not limited to, checking IDs, enforcing the designated smoking area rules, controlling the flow of patrons through the door and on the entrance patio, maintaining a safe and enjoyable environment inside at all times, some occasional light bussing and bar-backing duties when needed (moving glassware, bottles, kegs, ice, etc). The shift is from approximately 8:30pm to around 2:15am depending on business. All applicants MUST adhere to the following job requirements:
- Professional in appearance and attitude, confident not cocky, assertive not aggressive, polite not a push over and the ability to communicate with customers, co-workers and supervisors

Barbacks – This job is the glue that keeps everything going. Barbacks are responsible for bussing tables, picking up glassware, cleaning spills, restocking the bar (liquor, beer, kegs, wine, napkins, straws etc…), and helping out in anyway they can. We’re interested in people who aren’t afraid to do the dirty work, and are hardworking, responsible, and willing to help out where ever they are needed.

Cooks / Dish / Prep – The Border will have a new menu and will now be open for lunch and dinner 7 days a week. We will be looking for people who have kitchen experience to work the lunch and dinner shifts. Previous experience is preferred but not required. Knowledge in sanitation, food safety, FIFO, and inventory rotation will help.

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