The best live music. The best drinks. The best prices. The best crowd. The best room in town……

It’s all worthless without the right crew.

We are looking for a hilarious team that is fun, laid back, professional, irreverent, unique, fun loving, responsible, knows how to run a bar and loves making cash.

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You are skilled with making drinks, handling a crowd, you never short your till, and can spot a minor a mile away. So What? Beyond being a bad ass bartender we are looking for people who know how to make sure the bar has good time, knows when to give’em shit, and when to cut‘em off. You are confident, friendly, fun. You are unique, flirty, and honest. Bonus points for tattoos, piercings, and attitude.

Cocktail Goddesses
A full tray in a crowded room doesn’t phase you. You Still remember the 12 beers on tap at your old job. The customers love you, and you love working the room. Sweet. Now can you transform a quite room of strangers in to a party full of friends? If so, we want to hear from you.

You can tap a keq in 5 secs flat, carry 4 cases at once, and still make it look good. You are the master of the glass rack and dominator of the ice bins. You are looking for some sweet cash and know an unstocked bar is as worthless as brail on a drivethru. If you want to work hard and have fun, come on down.

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