What are the qualities of a truly great bartender? Here’s a few we thought of: ATTENTIVNESS – You know what I need before I do; you know when to engage in conversation and when not to. When you do, you’re smart, funny and informed. You remember me and what I like to drink. KNOWLEDGE – You know all about the products you sell, you can teach me something I don’t know, you know what’s on special and you tell me about it. PERSONALITY – You have one and people like it. CLEANLINESS: You know that cleanliness is next to godliness and that matters when your job is taking care of the “Altar of the Evening”. PREPARATION – You’re like a boy scout: Always prepared. You get there early and set it up right. You’re pro and pros don’t get caught on a Friday night without everything they need.

If you have all of these great bartender qualities and can share a few more with us, we’d like to talk to you. Here’s who we are:

We bought, remodeled and re-opened a great Denver institution in 2008, Billy’s Inn at 44th & Lowell in the Highlands, to great reviews and lots of business. We take our heritage and mission to be a great neighborhood place seriously, and we’re looking for outstanding individuals to share our vision. Individuals with extensive tequila knowledge have a leg up.

Please apply in person only (it goes without saying that you will bring a resume) Between 2:00PM and 4:00PM this Tuesday through Friday.

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