Downtown Oakland bar currently accepting applications for bartender positions.

Applicants must meet the following criteria to be considered:
1- A minimum of 5 years professional experience bartending (full bar) in a fast paced environment
2- Exceptional customer service skills and capable of multi-tasking behind the bar (taking multiple orders at a time while bar is 6 deep on a 20’ long bar)
3- Excellent math skills and ability to use basic register and credit card terminal while under much pressure (employer has low tolerance for accounting mistakes)
4- Have credible and recent relevant references (in the industry)

This position requires much hard (physical) work- applicants must be able to life 40+ lbs. and move quickly and efficiently.

Job duties include, but are not limited to:
Bar set up: scrubbing bar mats, mopping floor, cleaning bathrooms and overall maintenance/cleaning throughout shift.
Bar close: cleaning thoroughly behind the bar (wells, bottles, floor, sinks and surrounding surfaces), cleaning of the general area (sweeping, tidying, trash/recycle out, etc.).
Bartending: pouring a variety of cocktails (each qualified applicant will be tested on his/her knowledge of classic, modern and creative cocktails).

Each shift (open and close) requires roughly 1.5 hours of set up or break down.

If you feel you would be an ideal candidate for this position, please submit your resume to, along with a cover letter stating why you think you would be our best choice.

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