New hi-tech bar in Lakeview/Lincoln Park is looking for experienced bartenders/servers. Must be used to working in a hi-volume fast paced bar environment, with demanding customers and primadonna VIP’s without melting down. Must be available Wed-Sun from 4pm till close.

Before you apply, here are some don’ts:

If you have the personality of a potato, don’t apply.
If you think you are God’s gift to the bar industry, don’t apply.
If you are going to bitch because you have to take a crappy shift once in a while, don’t apply.
If you like to slide drinks to your boyfriend, don’t apply.
If you can’t treat the guy who tipped you a lousy dollar, the same way as the guy who tipped you a fifty, don’t apply.
If you spend more time looking at the mirror than you do looking at your customers…you guessed it. Don’t apply.

So if you don’t meet the above anti-criteria, send your short resume/bio (by that we mean we don’t care about your Harvard education, or your post-graduate degree in advanced biomechanics, only your bar or club experience is relevant) and include your social media link (facebook, myspace, etc) so we can get a feel for you.

And one more thing, if you don’t like this job posting…don’t apply.

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